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Electrical Workshop Lab kit / JAYAM Electronics in Chennai Mixer Grinder Demonstration kit Mixer Grinder parts demonstration, continuity and load testing, fault testing and rectification Send enquiry : Contact: 9444001354; 9677252848, 044 43521501
jayam electronics hereby inform that we are manufacturing electrical and electeonics lab equipments
Ceiling Fan Demonstration kit / Electrical Workshop lab kit Ceiling Fan parts demonstration, continuity and load testing, fault testing and rectification Send enquiry : Contact: 9444001354; 9677252848, 044 43521501
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FM modulator & demodulator kit (FREQUENCY MODULATOR) Power supply : ±12, ±5V Signal Generator using IC XR2206 Carrier signal Generator - 100KHz Modulating signal Generator - 100Hz Demodulation using IC LM565(PLL) Wood Box (Closed Type) Input : 230V, AC FM modulator Manufacturer FM modulator Manufacturer in Chennai FM modulator Manufacturer in Tamilnadu FM modulator Supplier FM modulator Supplier in Chennai FM modulator Supplier in Tamilnadu Demodulator kit Manufacturer Demodulator kit Manufacturer in Tamilnadu Demodulator kit Manufacturer in Chennai Demodulator kit Supplier Demodulator kit Supplier in Tamilnadu Demodulator kit Supplier in Chennai
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