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Ct: 9444001354 Web: 89C51 Micro controller kit (LCD Version) Processor : 89C51 Micro controller, 12MHz Clock speed Program Memory RAM – 32KB Data Memory RAM – 32KB Program Memory EPROM – 32KB 16 X 2 LCD Display PC Keyboard is provided and also Reset and interrupt keys are provided (RRE Key) Parallel I/O Bud Expansion One no. of 8255 connections are terminated in one 26 pin FRC header (24 I/O lines) Micro controller port lines are terminated with one 40-pin FRC Header Digital I/O: On board 8 digit inputs can be given through 8 way dip switch On board 8 digit outputs can be visible through SMD LEDS Serial port: On chip serial port will be terminated in 9 pin D male connector Built in power supply: Input – 230V AC Output +5V / 3A, + 12V / 0.5mA Battery Backup : 1 No. of 3V lithium battery / 3.6V NICD battery
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