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Fiber Optic Voice link with Telephone Hand set Transmitter : one fiber optics LED having peak wave length of emission 660 nm Receiver : one fiber optic photo detector Drivers : Analog AC Amplifier : 1 No. Filter : 1 No.4th order Butterworth 3.4KHz cut-off frequency Analog band width : 350 KHz Function generator : 1KHz & 2 KHz Sine wave (amplitude adj) Voice link : FO voice link using two nos. of telephone handset Interconnection : 2mm banana socket Fiber Optics Cable : Connector type standard SMA (Sub Miniature Assembly) duly polished fiber at both the ends for Numerical Aperture Measurement Cable : Step indexed multimode PMMA plastic cable Fiber Length : 1m with SMA connectors Power Supply : 230V±10%, 50 Hz
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